French teenagers’ thoughts on America

I took a stroll around Gueret's lake.

I took a stroll around Gueret’s lake, which is across from one of the lycees.

Have you ever wondered what teenagers in rural France want to know about Americans? Look no further!

I’ve spent the last week introducing myself to English language classes. The students practice their English by asking me questions about my life and America. Yes, they ask about favorite movies and how many siblings I have, but I have provided a list of the most interesting questions that I have received. Enjoy.

  • What do you think of Barack Obama? (The French really like Obama.)
  • Have you ever visited New York?
  • Do a lot of Americans speak French?
  • Do you like Titanic (the movie)?
  • Do you like Justin Bieber? (At least he’s Canadian.)
  • Do you like AC/DC?
  • What is your dream? (I’m not sure if this is a normal question in France or if this is a question the students learned from a misguided textbook.)
  • Is France different than America? (Short answer: Yes.)
  • Do you like McDonald’s?
  • Are the burgers at McDonald’s in America bigger than the ones at McDonald’s in France? (I have no idea. I don’t eat at McDonald’s in America or France.)
  • What is your favorite food? Is it burgers?
  • Do you have a pool?
  • Do you watch American football? (No, football is kinda boring.)
  • Who is your favorite basketball player? (I’m not sure I could even name you a current player.)
  • What are some French stereotypes in America?
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  1. Sandra Solomon said:

    Talk to you tomorrow. I hope it’s going well!

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