The curly club

I look like a ghost in this photo, but my curly hair shows up pretty well. Also, I like photos of me eating BBQ.

I look like a ghost in this photo, but my curly hair shows up well. Also, I like photos of me eating BBQ.

Lots of people have wavy hair, but only a select few (including the likes of Shirley Temple and curly fries) can boast big curls.

It’s a club, really. We curly-haired people, especially women, ban together to talk about how best to take care of those fragile curls (hint: don’t wash your hair every day) and discuss all the remarks people make to curly-haired people. For fun, I’ve compiled a list of those here.

  • Is your hair natural?
    Yes, there’s no way I’m curling this every morning.
  • Can I touch it?
    Are your hands clean?
  • Can I boing a curl?
    Since you asked, sure.
  • I bet you get so tired of people touching your curls.
    You’re right. I do. So why are you touching them?
  • So it just dries like that?
    Again, yes. I’m not doing my hair every day.
  • Do you ever straighten your hair?
    I have a few times in my life when friends pushed me to do so. My hair is so thick and curly, it takes about two hours to straighten. Haven’t done it since freshman year of college.
  • Do you ever boing your own curls?
    Sadly, no. I don’t often play with my hair.

Besides the occasional person boinging your curls without asking, the curly club comes with perks. I never worry about what hairstyle I’m going to wear; I have my choice of my hair down or my hair in a ponytail, and that’s it. When humidity is at bay (and in the Georgia summer, that’s only when the stars align), curly hair is pretty. And I’m scheduled for a free haircut next week because the hairstylist wants to practice on curly hair.

All in all, curly hair is pretty rad.

  1. Jess A said:

    Love it! Except I play with my own hair all. the. time. It’s probably much healthier for you to NOT play with it, but I figure, since I’ve got a load of springs on my head, I may as well…

    I work at a school with younger kids and I’m pretty much the only curly-haired person in the school (it’s a small school). The questions and comments are constant, and hilarious. I love it! Glad you embrace your curls, too!

    • Curly brethren! By the way, I like your profile photo. It really illustrates how you play with your curly hair.

      • Jess A said:

        Ha! it’s true, I really do. It just happens so naturally.

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