Where did all the motivation go?

I had to make matzah pizza

Matzah pizza distracted me. Via Flickr user EYECCD.

Can you write down 101 goals for yourself?

That was a challenge given to us by a motivational speaker at a conference I attended in Orlando. The point of writing 101 goals — which include professional ones and personal —  is to challenge yourself to stretch your thinking and explore what you really desire. You don’t need to show the list to anyone. This is just a thinking exercise for yourself.

I liked that idea, and I vowed to myself that, yes, I will come up with 101 goals, and I’ll become an amazing person who can cook anything and speak Mandarin.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I’ve barely started my list. You don’t have to tell me that it’s ironic that I haven’t finished my goal of writing down 101 goals. Motivation can be difficult to come by, and there were House of Cards episodes I needed to watch and matzah pizza I needed to make (Passover, am I right?).

So here I am. But my goal is to finish writing at least 25 goals by the end of the weekend, which is reasonable. I just need to get motivated.

How do you find motivation?

  1. TechiePanda said:

    101 goals !!! good luck with that ! I’ll never find motivation for such a thing , try writing one goal a day , and try to achieve that goal by the end of that day 🙂 that would be both reasonable and challenging ^^

    • Thanks for the luck! That’s a good idea to tackle one goal a day — doable but worthwhile.

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