Valentine’s Day, the most unromantic day of the year

Valentine's Day is for love and hearts. Via Flickr user IYLIAAA.

Valentine’s Day is for love and hearts. Via Flickr user IYLIAAA.

It shocks many women when I say that I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The first question they ask is whether I’m in a relationship. There’s a mental image of a single, jaded woman who hates Valentine’s Day because she’s jealous of her blissfully coupled counterparts.

When I answer that I’m not single, they ask why I don’t want “my man” to buy me a gift. Apparently, this day of chocolates and teddy bears is just that — a day for chocolates and teddy bears.

It seems I’m in the minority for my Valentine disdain. This year, only 17 percent of paired-off adults aren’t celebrating or don’t want a gift for Valentine’s Day, according to an Associated Press-WE tv survey.

I can’t speak for all those Valentine-shunning people, but for me, it goes beyond the old refrain that Valentine’s Day is a silly Hallmark holiday (which it is). It’s that Valentine’s Day is the most unromantic day of the year.

On the outside, it seems like a day of love. People go out to dinner and shows and give each other flowers and candy, all while (I imagine) staring deeply into each others’ eyes. Then women put photos of bouquets on their Facebook profiles and proclaim that they have the “best” boyfriend/fiance/husband in the world.

Valentine’s Day is a forced holiday. Usually, men have to give roses and candy to their significant others and take them out for an expensive dinner. It isn’t because they necessarily feel the love (though I’m sure some do), but because if they don’t do all these showy actions, their girlfriend/fiancee/wife will likely be upset. When people ask men what they did for Valentine’s Day, they look like jerks if they did nothing for their significant others.

I also can’t imagine that red roses, chocolate, and stuffed bears are the perfect gifts for every coupled adult in America.

Therefore, today is the most unromantic day of the year. It isn’t romantic when everyone does the exact same thing at the same time. It’s just forced.

Most people probably realize Valentine’s Day is a sappy, contrived holiday, but they go along with it anyway. When I was single and made these accusations of the beloved Valentine’s Day, women said I would understand if I were in a couple. As if my opinions were irrelevant because I didn’t have a significant other.

Looks like having a boyfriend didn’t change my feelings about Valentine’s Day.

I’m probably going to alienate quite a few people with this blog post, but I hope that they don’t get too angry. After all, this is the day of love.


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