Here’s to my blogiversary

Via Flickr user jjpacres.

Via Flickr user jjpacres.

Just over a year has passed since I wrote my first post on this blog, which discussed the portrayal of journalism in 27 Dresses. In all, I’ve written 136 posts, which is one post every 2.5-3 days. I consider that a success in itself.

My goal in starting this blog was to write more of what I want.

Since I’m in journalism, I don’t have the same ability to write what I want as a book author might. I feel like with a fictional book, the audience can form around your work. In journalism, it tends to be the opposite: You’re writing for an already-established audience. A reporter — whether magazine, newspaper, or online — usually writes content for a certain geography, interest, or industry. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is for people who live in Atlanta, while Bon Appetit is for people who enjoy cooking.

In my case, I write a lot about air cargo for the global airfreight industry, which is interesting because I can report on aviation, the economy, and the government and I can speak with people around the globe. But it’s still fun to explore a wider range of topics.

I began this blog just a few days before I landed my trade magazine editor job, and it has served me well this past year. It has allowed me to write more of what I want. If I feel like writing about engagement necklaces, I can. If I want to say that newspapers are the newest status symbol, nothing stands in my way.

Blogging, and the internet in general, means that for better or worse, no one stops us from writing what we want. We don’t need to have an editor, or even an audience.

So here’s to my blogiversary and anyone who has read any of my posts this past year. I look forward to many more musings in the year to come.


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