What it means to be busy

He looks busy. Via Flickr user Much Ramblings.

He looks busy. Via Flickr user Much Ramblings.

Twelve days have passed since my last blog post, and for that, I apologize. But with work and plans and previous engagements bearing down on me, I didn’t get around to my blog. In short, I was busy.

That’s why I want to take this blog post to talk about the concept of “busy.”

Everyone says they’re busy. When an acquaintance or coworker asks, “How are you?”, the phrase “I’ve been busy” is one of two acceptable responses. (The other is “I’m fine.” Exceptions are made for recent weddings, births, and deaths.)

But “busy” is such a subjective term. Some people aren’t busy until every minute of their week is planned. Others tell you that they’re too busy to hang out this week, but then you catch them posting BuzzFeed articles on Facebook.

Take me. In the last 12 days of me shirking my blogging duties, I’ve worked to finish the latest issue of the magazine at my job, visited Athens, Georgia, gone to an annual doctor’s checkup, volunteered, worked out, and spent time with friends and my boyfriend.

Sure, I’ve had a lot of filled moments. But can I honestly say I was too busy to blog? Of course not. I could definitely find 30 minutes four times a week to write my ever-so-witty sentiments.

In many cases, saying you’re busy is a shorthand way of saying, “I don’t feel like doing this.” It’s hard to generate blog ideas, so I just put off writing.

A disclaimer: There are times where people are truly busy, but when someone is infinitely busy — you know the type — there’s probably something amiss.

Busyness is often a matter of priorities. In the last 12 days, I could have found time to blog, but I chose to watch reruns of 30 Rock instead. It happens.

We all have something in our life that we love to put off but should do — exercising, paying bills. The solution is simple. Stop saying “I’m too busy,” and do what you need to do. Humans often get caught in the trap of worrying about the time lost. It’s been so long since I’ve exercised, so it’s useless to start now.

So I haven’t blogged in 12 days. Waiting longer to do it won’t solve my problem.

Just pick up and do what you need to do. I mean, I’m busy with my 30 Rock reruns, but I have enough time to blog about how un-busy I really am.


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