Stop picking on the Millennial generation

Millennials are stereotyped as tech-obsessed. Via Flickr user leondel.

Millennials are stereotyped as tech-obsessed. Via Flickr user leondel.

If you listen to the media and the internet, my generation is a bunch of privileged, whiny kids who can’t seem to leave their helicopter parents and possess no desire to work. Millennials want cars, houses, vacations, and everything else under the sun handed to them with a shiny bow.

But is any of this true?

It’s insulting that people think we’re lazy and privileged by virtue of age. I know Millenials who pay their way through college while working on the side, but I also know Millenials who have a high-paying job but refuse to move out of their parents’ home.

There are lazy people of all ages, not just young adults.

Today, let’s debunk two Millennial myths.

  1. MIllennials don’t want to leave home or hold a job. It’s true that more young adults are living at home than before. Last year, 36 percent of the U.S.’s adults ages 18 to 31 lived at their parents’ home. But that doesn’t mean that almost four out of every 10 young adults just doesn’t want to live on their own or pay the ensuing bills (though there are people like that). The lackluster economy makes it difficult to find a full-time job. No full-time employment means no money. Without money, you can’t get an apartment, car, or anything else a person needs. There is also the community college trend to consider. Community colleges serve almost half of U.S. undergraduates, meaning that many of those students live at home while pursuing an education. I wouldn’t call that a lack of desire to leave home or work.
  2. Millennials can’t live without technology. This one gets on my nerves. People think Millennials are glued to screens and addicted to social media. First, most people in America are screen-obsessed. TV has been popular for about 60 years. Second, there are few people in the Western world who can live without technology. It has become indispensable in our daily lives, whether it’s using it for work or to communicate with friends and family across the world, and that includes social media. I can easily have a video chat with someone in Israel and message someone else in France. So don’t put that can’t-live-without-technology complaint on Millennials. None of us can live without tech, which may not necessarily be negative.

Stop picking on Millennials because of the year we were born in. We don’t pick on you for creating the recession that left some of us jobless.


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