University scientists stumble upon the ultimate prank

We just got a step closer to living in a sci-fi book.

Human brain-to-brain communication is now possible.

Two University of Washington scientists demonstrated it when Rajesh Rao sent a signal to Andrea Stocco’s brain via the internet, causing him to move his right hand.

Yes, a brain signal was sent over the internet.

Though this hasn’t been reported, I’m sure Rao then made Stocco slap himself while saying, “Stop hitting yourself!” We all know university researchers are king pranksters.

This brain-to-brain technology isn’t perfected yet. The people involved must be connected to equipment, and Rao had to train his mind to emit the brainwave for moving the hand so that a computer could detect it.

OK, so we’re not at the level yet of epic pranks on friends yet, but the fact that this technology is possible makes me apprehensive.

Someday, we may not need to be hooked up to equipment to carry out brain-to-brain communication. For instance, maybe it’ll be a device installed in humans at birth.

Now that’s a scary thought. There could be a time in the future when hackers don’t go for our email accounts; they attack our brains.

This is all hypothetical, and I don’t want to be an alarmist. For the moment, the University of Washington’s research is an intriguing side note to the main news of the week that is making everyone question humankind and what it can do to itself — Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.


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