I had ox penis for dinner. What about you?

That's me on the left eating a kabob. Courtesy David Vogel.

That’s me on the left eating a kabob. David (on the right) and I split an order of ox penis kabob. Photo courtesy of David Vogel (different David than the one in the photo).

I had ox penis and lamb testes for dinner. What did you eat?

I’m part of a meetup group called Buford Highway Foodies, which consists of meetups at restaurants along Atlanta’s Buford Highway, where the Asian and Mexican restaurants roam and the hungry play. Last week, we had dinner at Beijing Kabobs. What it serves is pretty self-explanatory.

I mostly ordered beef, lamb, and chicken kabobs, and deciding to be adventurous, I split an order of lamb testes and ox penis with David, the man you see in the photo to the right.

We were one of the few people in our meetup of 16 that tried the ox penis. You know you’re weird when you’re one of three people to try a dish in a self-described group of foodies.

I bet you’re wondering what I thought of the farm animals’ penis and testes, and let me tell you…I probably wouldn’t order either one again. I didn’t like the lamb testes at all. They were chewy and had a weird, organ-y aftertaste. The ox penis was alright. Like the lamb testes, it was chewy but also fatty. We had to get the waitress to cut the ox penis in half for us because we couldn’t do it ourselves; the fat in it was that thick.

That isn’t to say I didn’t like the restaurant. It’s a small place tucked away in a shopping center where you wouldn’t necessarily see it driving by. It’s probably best to speak Chinese here, but the menus were translated into (sometimes rough) English.

The beef and lamb kabobs the restaurant served were delectable. They were covered in a spicy red sauce that made me take an extra sip of water. A lot of us in the group also ordered corn on the cob on a stick. Just like that name, the corn was also a mouthful of goodness. It was charred and covered in that same spicy sauce.

All in all, it was a successful outing. And now for the next week, I can start conversations by telling people I had an ox penis kabob.

  1. Adina, I’m definitely going to try the restaurant. As for the ox penis, I’ll have to see how strong the liquor is there.

    • You should! The lamb and corn kabobs were probably my favorite. The neat thing about the restaurant is each kabob is a little smaller than a typical American one, but most of them are $1 a piece. My entire bill with tip ended up being about $12.

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