A place where women go after truck drivers

A view at the University of Georgia Ecolodge in Costa Rica

A view at the University of Georgia Ecolodge in Costa Rica

I know, I know. It’s been quite a while since I last wrote a post. My excuse: I went on vacation last week to Costa Rica, walking through the rainforest, seeing a volcano, and eating rice and beans with almost every meal. (We went to Monteverde, Arenal, and for one night, San Jose.) I’ve been spending the time since I returned home catching up at work.

Now that I’m back in the swing of things, I want to share 15 lessons I learned in Costa Rica about life, traveling, and big bugs.

  1. Truck drivers are considered awesome in Costa Rica. Women go for them.
  2. Humans share 90 percent of their DNA with bats.
  3. Some tourists cry when it rains — in the rainforest.
  4. Yes, bugs do get bigger. Keep in mind that I live in the South, so bugs are already plenty large.
  5. When you say you’re from Atlanta, people’s comments always pertain to the airport, the busiest one in the world.
  6. Baby cows are like puppies. They will run up to you so you can pet them and give big, sad eyes when you leave.
  7. Even Costa Ricans think people from Texas are crazy.
  8. Sloths sleep 22 hours a day. Of course, some people do that too.

    This is a glasswinged butterfly, which has clear wings.

    This is a glasswinged butterfly, which has clear wings.

  9. A butterfly with clear wings exists. It’s called the glasswinged butterfly.
  10. Costa Ricans are not appreciative of cougars, and I’m not talking about the animal.
  11. Thousands of plants can live on a single tree in the rainforest. Thousands.
  12. Army ants will swarm in a single area, and when they find food, they’ll form a neat line to carry the food back to home base. They’re more organized than most humans.
  13. Punctual for Costa Ricans is 15 minutes late for us.
  14. Bugs always seem bigger when you find one in the middle of the night after you get up to use the bathroom.
  15. The American highway system is glorious, fast, and paved. There’s nothing like a good paved road to not give you nausea.

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