Sports, sports everywhere

The University of Georgia in a nutshell. Via Flickr user Katford.

The University of Georgia in a nutshell. Via Flickr user Katford.

Sports surround me.

My family is full of baseball fans. As a result, I’ve been to the Red Soxs’ Fenway Park in Boston and a Cubs game at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Though my high school was small (around 100 students), it was still big on basketball. That was where the entire school hung out on Saturday nights.

I went to the University of Georgia, home of crazed football fanatics. I attended tailgates brimming with beer and wore red and black, the team colors.

And I still don’t get sports.

I mean, I get it on some level — having a team to root for, a distraction, something to do. But I’ve never been into sports. I only attended one football game at UGA, which most would consider a travesty.

So it’s no wonder that in my professional life, I’ve never written about sports.

I’ve covered a lot of topics in my time as a reporter: crime, education, entertainment, business, law, politics, and more. Sports are the one major subject area that’s missing from the list.

You would think this almost impossible since UGA and its students are so invested in sports. But no, the closest I’ve gotten to sports is writing about members of the Bulldogs’ football marching band getting a chemical reaction from their gloves.

Sometimes, I say to myself that I should’ve tried my hand at writing sports. I would have had to figure out the rules of each game and barrel through the boredom I often experience watching sporting events (save for gymnastics), but I’ve written about theft, drug abuse, and murder.

I can handle a baseball game.

Then again, aren’t I entitled to not wanting to write about this one topic? There are already so many other reporters whose entire career and focus is sports. Besides, I’ve written about a lot of other topics, some of which I wasn’t always thrilled to report on. (Luckily, I dodged a story about a cat shelter. In case you don’t know this, I don’t like cats.)

I shouldn’t apologize for not wanting to write about basketball, baseball, or yes, even football. I don’t need to prove my professional abilities by reporting on sports.

Besides, I think this blog post counts for something.

  1. WIL PETTY said:

    I did a feature on the roller derby team one time, but it went in the variety section. Does that count as a sports article?

    • Perhaps as much as my story on power soccer (soccer on power wheelchairs) is a sports story. Of course, defines “sport” as “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.” I think both roller derby and power soccer fit that definition. What do you think?

      • WIL PETTY said:

        I believe if they ask for sports experience on any future resume of mine… it’s going there. That and the feature on the pro wrestler. Regardless if either can be considered a sport.

        I would say power soccer is definitely a sport.

      • Then I guess we just haven’t reported on any mainstream sports.

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