Do you use an internet company that charges $99 for repair?

AT&T. Via Flickr user (M)factr.

AT&T. Via Flickr user (M)factr.

I don’t have internet at my apartment because I canceled my service.

Canceling my service with AT&T wasn’t so much out of choice as it was out of desperation. Again and again, the company gave me the runaround and refused to fix my internet problem without me shelling out money.

It all started last week.

Monday, June 17: When I came home from work a little after 5 p.m., my internet was out. I tried restarting my computer and unplugging my modem/router. Nothing worked, so I called AT&T. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with technical support as the woman on the other line told me to unplug my modem/router. I did it again, but the woman couldn’t fix my internet.

She said my modem/router was probably broken, even though it was only two months old. The woman said she would send out a technician, but he couldn’t come out until Wednesday. I explained to her that the technician would have to come to my apartment after I got off work at 5 p.m. No problem, she said.

After I hung up with AT&T, I called the modem/router company and verified that the device was working; my lack of internet was AT&T’s fault.

Wednesday, June 19: The AT&T technician called me at 2:46 p.m. to tell me he had arrived at my apartment. I explained to him that I was at work, and I had told AT&T that I wouldn’t be home. So the technician worked on something outside my apartment to fix the problem. He told me to call him back if my internet didn’t work when I arrived home.

When I got back to my apartment, the internet didn’t work, of course. I called back the technician, who told me I needed to call AT&T technical support to get another technician to come out. I already called support to get you, I said. He said I would just have to call AT&T again.

I spent another 45 minutes on the phone with AT&T. I explained to the woman what had happened, and she agreed to send another technician out. But, she said, I would have to pay $99, and the technician could only come out between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

I told her that I work during those hours and said I shouldn’t pay $99 for an internet problem that isn’t my fault. Well, don’t you have someone who can stay home to let the technician in, she asked. No, I live alone. In so many words, the woman at AT&T told me too bad and to call the sales department; maybe it could help me.

Thursday, June 20: Angry and annoyed, I called AT&T to cancel my internet service. I thought maybe the company would cut me a deal or waive the $99 technician charge if I threatened to leave. I spent half an hour on the phone as the representative tried to verify my identity. Finally, she somehow did this and canceled my account, asking if I was leaving because of price.

“No,” I said, “because your customer service has been abysmal.”

I gave her a 30-second account of what AT&T had put me through. Her response after all that?

“Thank you for your business.”

She didn’t offer apology, cut me a deal, or try to get me to stay with AT&T in any way.


Since AT&T didn’t seem to care that I canceled my account, I wanted to warn the world about the company’s terrible customer service.

To AT&T: Between my blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, I reach almost 1,000 first connections. That doesn’t include the second connections who see my posts when other people like or tweet them.

Thank you for nothing. Wait, correction: Thank you for wasting two hours of my life on the phone.


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