How do you speak English?

Via Flickr user JPott.

Via Flickr user JPott.

Do you call that bubbly, sugary drink “soda,” “pop,” or “Coke?”

The answer sometimes depends on where you live.

Business Insider published 22 maps that show how Americans speak differently from one another based on geography.

It’s pretty cool pulling up this map with friends and seeing how you express the same sentiments in different words.

For instance, I say “sneakers,” but I found out most people say “tennis shoes.”

If it’s raining while it’s sunny, I call that a “sunshower.” My Southern-bred friend says “the devil is beating his wife.” (Which is frightening imagery.)

My boyfriend says “crayon” in one syllable (“cran,” rhymes with man). I use two syllables and pronounce it the same way that people in the western half of the country do. I live in the South, so maybe that has to do with my mom growing up in the Midwest.

The maps are intriguing visualizations of the twists and turns that a single language — American English — can take. It’s also nice to know that your friend has a phrase in her lexicon that involves both beating and the devil.

What do you say differently than most other people?

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