Talk about race in six words

Via Flickr user Donna Cymek.

Talk about a colorblind world. Via Flickr user Donna Cymek.

“Mexican-American, But No Hablo Espanol.”

“Biracial. Which box do I check?”

“I’m Jose, and I hate soccer.”

The Race Card Project collects people’s observations or experiences about race, but the catch is they must boil down those thoughts into six words. NPR correspondent Michele Norris thought up the idea and runs the project.

I enjoy reading these cards. The project gives a glimpse into what a wide array of people think and feel about race, a sometimes uncomfortable topic.

It’s also a brilliant idea to limit submissions to six words. In six words, you can’t obscure your meaning or story. You can’t circumvent the topic at hand. It forces you to be to-the-point.

Say what you want to say in six words — no verboseness allowed.

It also swings open the door for more people to participate. If it was an essay submission — as these projects often are — it would present a barrier for people who are less educated, have less time, or aren’t fluent English speakers. Making cards into six words allows more people to participate and air their thoughts.

What do you think of the Race Card Project?


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