GIFs won’t always make you laugh

The Andes mountains just outside of Bogotá.

The GIF I made for the magazine was taken from video of my trip to Bogota, Colombia.

I’ve joined the internet — I learned how to make a GIF.

In case you don’t know, a GIF is an image file format that is usually used for animated images.

I didn’t use one of those online GIF generators to make mine. I actually cut a one-second video clip and went into Photoshop. Unfortunately, since I did this for work, I can’t show you the GIF I made until it’s published by the magazine. (With my boss’ approval, the GIF along with the story will be published in June.)

Right now, a lot of people don’t consider GIFs to have much value outside of cats and celebrities. They’re for laughs, not creative or social value.

I think that will change. We’re already seeing GIFs as art, and with the help of Vine (Twitter’s GIF-like video-sharing service), they will transcend the humorous and mundane to become newsworthy.

You may laugh now, but that’s how Twitter was once seen. Remember when it was just used to tell others about your breakfast? Though people still tweet the mundane, Twitter has also proven itself as a tool for political revolutions.

Think of a GIF related to a recent newsworthy event such as the Oklahoma City tornado. The GIF would be another means of storytelling to supplement all the video footage, news reports, and photos. It would serve as a way to show people what’s going on.

GIFs will have their day in the news, and people may not be laughing.

1 comment
  1. Azevedo said:

    I can see the whole family sitting around the fireplaces crying over stories of how gammy used to cook our favourite meals and… GIF’s…
    I kid 🙂 I hope I don’t lose the bandwagon of deep GIF’s.

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