Cinnamon rolls with a heaping of mishaps

Via Flickr user Ro / wererabbit.

Via Flickr user Ro / wererabbit.

Have you ever tried baking with your sibling?

For Mother’s Day, my sister and I made cinnamon rolls for our mom’s breakfast.

During the course of our baking, I spilled a pot of boiling water in the sink (meaning I had to reboil the water), my sister sprayed me with cream cheese while she was whipping it, she got batter all over the counter, and she spilled the carton of buttermilk.

Looking at this list, I’m probably forgetting a few clumsy mishaps I caused.

But no matter how messy you are during baking or cooking, it works out. The cinnamon rolls were sweet and sugary, and no one needed to know about all the accidents (well, until this blog post is published at least). It all turns out the same anyway.

Yet after making cinnamon rolls once and getting every ingredient on our clothes, maybe my sister and I will bake cleaner next time.

  1. Megan said:

    If me and my brother cooked for our Mom together, the list of mishaps would probably be a lot longer but all our Mom would care about was that we did something for her together.

    • Thank god, so does my mom. Also, she wasn’t in the kitchen when all of this happened.

      • Megan said:

        It probably would have been hard to keep my Mom out of the kitchen, she’d be happy to let us do it, she’d just always be trying to help.

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