The tale of Phoenix

This was the view outside my hotel room in Phoenix.

This was the view outside my hotel room in Phoenix.

One of the employees recognized me from an event the night before. Why? He remembered that I had dropped my mini hot dog on the ground.

And so began the first conference I attended on behalf of the magazine I work for.

From Sunday to Tuesday, I covered the events and panels and talks at an industry conference in Phoenix. I met people in the business, including conducting an interview with the president of Delta. Attending this conference felt like the cementing of my job now that so many people in the industry have met me.

Plus, the opening reception on Sunday night had acrobats performing throughout the party, girls wearing dresses decorated with champagne glasses (yes, you could take a glass of champagne from their dress), and fireworks at the end of the event. Air cargo people know how to party.

The constant mingling, dinners, receptions, and wine-pouring were a different experience for me. I’ve been to business events before, but a conference like this is more of a marathon. I only realized how many people I met during those few days when I got home and looked at the business cards I had accumulated: 25. And those are just the people I traded cards with.

I feel like this is another step into the post-grad world. I mean, traveling for work? Giving out business cards? Sipping on alcohol while discussing industry issues?

That’s adulthood in a nutshell — or maybe just a wineglass.

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  1. mark said:

    Industry conferences are a blast – it matters not the industry. Makes the rest of the worthless job more tolerable.

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