Going back to high school

Me in high school in May 2008.

Me in high school in May 2008.

I went back to high school on Friday.

This time, I didn’t need to wear dress code.

I spoke to my high school English teacher’s class about censorship issues and my involvement with a walkout from the University of Georgia student newspaper in August. The class had about 25 people, mostly upperclassmen.

It was strange in some ways. There I was talking to a group of high schoolers from my alma mater in the same classroom where I learned about British literature and writing essays. I remember my wholehearted reluctance to speak out in sophomore year English class in that very same room.

Now instead of sitting in class, I was teaching the class.

A strange circle indeed. Did I really only graduate from high school four years ago?

Luckily, the students I spoke to were interested in what I had to say and asked thought-provoking questions when I was done presenting, which was a relief when I think back to some of the speakers I heard during college. Was it my fault when a speaker presented at 2 p.m., during the sleepy part of the day?

Anyway, it was an odd experience returning to high school, but it reminds me how I’ve changed since then. I have a college degree now, a job, and speaking in public doesn’t make me want to faint. Those are all pretty good changes.

Have you ever visited your high school after graduation? What did you think?


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