Words from Seinfeld and God

Via Flickr user Fanie!

Via Flickr user Fanie!

I admit it — I used to despise Twitter.

I loathed writing 140-character tweets. I never knew what to say, and the only reason I even had a Twitter account was that fact that everyone in journalism has one. I figured if I can’t beat them, join them.

Now I’ve been bitten by the Twitter tick, and I can’t enough of it. (It only happened a few years after everyone else.)

People say that Twitter breeds stupidity and narcissism, which is true in some cases. But for every Charlie Sheen or Kesha (I refuse to put a dollar sign in her name), there are Twitter users sharing thought-provoking links and content.


So in order to prove all you skeptics wrong, here are my six favorite Twitter users. (Because I don’t like sticking to a top 10 list.)

@thedailybeast: I feel like The Daily Beast’s tweets are tailored for me: “How Obama became Netanyahu” and “If hipsters were supposed to revive America’s urban wastelands, they’ve failed.” I just want to click all over the place.

@abeaujon: Andrew Beaujon is a media blogger at the Poynter Institute, a journalism school in Florida. His Twitter is awesome because he tweets information you can use, especially if you’re in the media world.

@SeinfeldToday: I love Seinfeld, and I can’t get enough of it, even though it aired its last episode 15 years ago. That’s why Modern Seinfeld is so wonderful. It tweets the premise of a Seinfeld episode as it could happen today. “The voice of Kramer’s car navigation system is so soothing it puts him to sleep.” Or maybe: “Jerry makes a joke about Taylor Swift on the tonight show. Swift writes a song about him.” I only wish these episodes were real.

@jamiegott: My friend Jamie Gottlieb is a student at the University of Georgia, and the only one on this Twitter list who I’ve met in person. She’s a social media expert. Jamie doesn’t know this, but I want to retweet everything she tweets. I have no idea where she finds all her great content. I just know that I love it.

@wired: Wired isn’t just a magazine. It has a great website and all the technology- and science-related content you could ever want.

@TheTweetofGod: “The universe is at 2% and I can’t find My charger.” This Twitter account, providing clever tweets straight from God, is good for a laugh.


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