Designing my first post-college apartment

Unfortunately, this isn't my room.

Unfortunately, this isn’t my room. Via Flickr user lucasfoxbcn.

I move into my apartment in less than a month, and I want it to look awesome.

I’ve been on the hunt for ways to design my apartment and DIY projects. I find myself scanning Pinterest whenever I have a free moment, pinning aspirational photos of tables and curtains. (No judgments.)

It’s becoming an addiction.

I’ve never cared enough about my apartments in the past to put much effort into designing them. I was in college for 3.5 years, and during that period, I lived in three different places; I knew it was only a matter of time before I would move again, so I didn’t want to invest a lot of time.

But I plan on living in my upcoming apartment for awhile. It’s a one-bedroom place with 750 square feet. It’s my first time living by myself, and I’m going to make it look spectacular. The only trouble is I’m not design-inclined.

So, do you have any decorating/design ideas or tips? I love DIY projects that are easy and inexpensive. And I promise to post photos of my apartment after I move in and make it look good.

Leave me a comment, or if you’re shy, email me at


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