My guilty pleasure is…

We all have our guilty pleasures. Twizzlers are mine.

I suppose I know that edible substances — especially candy — aren’t supposed to have a plastic-like texture. But I love Twizzlers. I always have. One year for Chanukah, my mom even gave me a giant Twizzlers pillow that still sits in my room years later.

I mean, how could someone not like Twizzlers? They’re bright red. You could eat a bunch of them and not feel completely sick (though I have tested those limits time and time again).

If that isn’t sweet candy love, I don’t know what is.

Plus, they have strangely wonderful TV commercials.

Twizzlers are my guilty pleasure.

People use this phrase for TV shows, movies, food (especially the fast variety), and anything else you can think of. We know it isn’t good, but all the proof and reason in the world won’t stop us. Guilty pleasures aren’t of the highest quality; they’re something we can take comfort in. They’re like a well-worn pair of shoes that probably need to be thrown out.

At times, guilty pleasures even make us feel better about ourselves. Don’t tell me that people watch Maury or Bridezillas for their educational value. They watch them because it makes them feel better about themselves. No matter what you do, at least you’re not calling someone a skank on national television.

I’ve heard people say that guilty pleasures don’t exist. But they do, and almost everybody has one. You can lecture me all you want about how Twizzlers are nothing more than plastic sugar sticks. I’ll agree with you — and still eat half the bag before the hour is out.So what’s your guilty pleasure(s)? Do you think they’re real?


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