He proposed with a beautiful engagement…necklace

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I don’t know about that.


Via Flickr user tarale

Diamonds and me — we’ve been a little on the rocks ever since I decided that I would rather have an engagement necklace over a ring.

I guess I should explain. Even before reading the essay that prompted this blog post, I’ve never been the type of girl who wears rings. I always thought they looked pretty, but if I ever wore a ring, it would end up in my pocket before the day was out. I just don’t like wearing them. My fingers feel hindered.

And then there are engagement rings. I have no engagement plans on the horizon (or even in a few years), yet I’m starting to see a trend. People seem enraptured with engagement rings. I see Instagram photos of them on Facebook when a woman gets engaged. People want to know how big the diamond is. One of celebrity gossip’s favorite topics is discussing which actress received the priciest ring.

It’s weird. I don’t see that much emphasis placed on men’s engagement bands.

Besides engagement rings signifying an outdated concept — that the women is taken property — I just don’t like rings. But I wear necklaces every day. So why shouldn’t I get a necklace instead? I would actually wear that, and it’s just as arbitrary as an engagement ring or bracelet or nose stud.

I won’t be surprised if a woman reads this, scoffs, and says, “That’s not what engagement rings mean anymore. I’m happy with mine.” It’s fine if it works for you. I just like necklaces better.

In fact, I wouldn’t care if I didn’t receive anything at all. I don’t need a guy to buy a diamond to prove himself. The poor schmo already has if he’s dating me. (Just kidding. Really.) I just don’t get the hoopla of receiving an engagement ring, besides following tradition and the obvious and incontrovertible fact that diamonds are shiny.

Does commitment mean nothing if I don’t have a chunk of carbon to prove it?

So anyone who wants to get betrothed, you can consider this blog post an affidavit of sorts: You don’t need to get me a sparkly engagement ring.

  1. ke1bellKel said:

    Hey-so glad I found this post! I’m 28 and have never worn a ring more than 3 days before losing it. They just slip right off my fingers-and, like you, I just haven’t bothered to wear them in years! Thankfully, my boyfriend knows this. We’ve been together for 3+ years and while I am in NO RUSH to get married (we just moved in together-and we have the Verizon family plan-that’s enough commitment right?!), I have started looking for an engagement necklace. I know many people that are gonna find this idea of mine silly, or wrong, or whatever (like, say, my mother). But ya know what? Its my potential marriage-its my choice right? I’ve never owned any expensive jewelry, and I don’t intend on having anything too expensive…just something that is mine, something that represents me, and him, and our life that we share together, and maybe the promises we’ll make to one another one day.

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