The 64 ways you’ve been sabotaging your interviews

I’m not giving you my number.

Just know that I’ve had a lot of job interviews in my life. A lot. Especially since I graduated from college in December. Everyone says how the job market is tough, and they’re not kidding. Interviewing is one aspect of job-hunting that I had never felt confident in. Is it because the interview could make (or break) your chances for a job? Is it because the interviewers are sitting there to judge you? Maybe it’s because I forgot to brush my teeth before leaving the house. Either way, interviewing is a tricky skill to master.


Via Flickr user Rob Boudon

And then a friend shared a link with me that I return to again and again: How to Answer the 64 Toughest Interview Questions. Or maybe it should have been called “The 64 Ways You’ve Been Sabotaging Your Interviews.” Either way, I wanted to share this with anyone out there looking for a job, an internship, or thinking about a career move. After all, almost 8 percent of you are unemployed.

One of my favorite pieces of advice: “As early as you can in the interview, ask for a more complete description of what the position entails.” These are like magic words. Seriously, ever since I started doing this right after someone asks me to “tell me about yourself,” I can answer questions much more effectively because I can tailor it to whatever position I’m applying for. Here’s an example:

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself.

Me: Before I do that, could you tell me more about the position so I can directly speak to your needs?

Interviewer: This job requires experience with unicorns.

Me: I love unicorns. I have ever since I rode my first unicorn on my uncle’s ranch. I have oodles of experience riding unicorns and taking care of them.

See what I did there? I know how to answer the question because I know what the interviewer is looking for. Using this tactic, I’ve felt more sure of myself during and after the interview. It seems like obvious advice, but few people ask for a more detailed description of the job.

I hope this helps you in any future employment searches. In the meantime, let me know if you hear of any gigs that require unicorn experience.


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